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PMN Share Before we discuss more about Power Action Mind Management let us consider Excerpts from Surah Ali Imran verse 191 where Allah says “Those who remember Allah, standing, sitting, lying down, and they think about the creation of the heavens and the earth, and said , ‘Our Lord, You have not created this in vain. Glory to Thee, And save us from the torment of hell’. ” Here is the key of this paragraph, “ma Rabbana khalaqta hadha bathila ‘Our Lord, You have not created this in vain.'” which means, each created by God either micro or macro all in the best possible state of creation.

As the people who believe in creation then Landasilah all our activities, the way we look, how we act, how to make decisions that nothing is in vain of God’s creation. When we speak of Mind Management it is not limited to just think the problem but there are 3 important components that should be a concern in human life. mind management can be categorized into 3 main sections namely Process Thinking, Feeling and Action Process Process. Let my friend, I will describe briefly about all three of the above processes.The first is the Thinking Process or process of thinking, the thought processes I’ve discussed this in a previous post about the Thinking Process 3D, which is where we must begin to learn to think in Vertical, Horizontal and Lateral.Thinking about the materials Process companions can read on the following page – here (Thinking Process 3D).While the second is a feeling Feeling Process or processes.

in the process of feeling kta need the support components Kejururan(Honesty), Empathy and Sincerity (Sincerity). The third thing would not be able to walk without holding ‘hands’ to one another,must work together and be a strong fabric in order to create a powerful Feeling Process. now will we look for example, in a statistic saying that consumers buy a product not because of the product,but because they are attracted by the seller.here explained that the 70% of consumers buy a product because the seller sympathetic to consumers. means we have to put the ‘how to sell your self’ how we sell ourselves “to others only after that we sell our products, sell what our ideas.and that is where there is a key called honesty.sale value in the eyes of the community,in the eyes of consumers, will be low.Then,still continuing the example above, what side his empathy?.

Here there is the word ’empathy’ whose meaning is deeper than ‘sympathy’. we feel that sympathy is what others feel, if nothing tops our sad’m sorry, if we too had wept tears that touched we will also dissolve in keharuannya. but a little empathy on it, not just’m sorry, tearful but help provide a solution. a seller will not be enough to listen to complaints, curiosity and curiosity of the consumer but provide a solution and it’s growing input of his sincerity was not the action of trickery. we think like what they Think, therefore we will easily create a sense of empathy for them.Next is Sincerity,honesty.

In the example above relation between the seller and the buyer then takes sincerity for the seller to achieve the value of sincerity. We know that the sincerity or it could also be said is a sincere act which only Allah knows. though the world does not record history your sincerity with gold ink, but God and the angels record your deeds. as well as also when the seller (such as the example above) is not sincere and impressed hide consumer rights should be accepted, then it could be the resale value is less blessed in the sight of Allah.

And the third of Mind Management is Action Process, process measures. Will we be successful if we are less energetic, sluggish, weak and lacking the spirit? certainly not instead. In the process of doing action and there are things that are very often overlooked, which is used to train our breathing. something that is very simple and easy but less we pay attention. we know that those who are energetic and passionate originated from the oxygen supply that we receive into our bodies.

then the first thing that needs to be done in the action is Coaching Breathing Process.Then the second action in training process is used to run faster than normal, move faster, move faster, because we run more slowly. Rosululloh example was when we walked quickly to the point that Ali ran after him with, Rosululloh very dynamic once in motion. so get used to running 20% ​​or 30% faster than before.

not mean running here in haste and reckless, but running fast and towards a focus to be achieved.
Then the last one is the first rapid Take a step ‘always trying to take the first step immediately’. For things that are for the better, and quickly perform initial start immediately, do not wait and waver with our step, do it immediately and focus. Fastabiqu al-Khairat, a race-lombalah us in terms of doing good.
Hopefully Mind Management Review Process briefly above can give us enlightenment and always up to something with a mature management thinking of starting the process of thinking, feeling and process the actions that we do. Insha Allah we proceed further motivation to post more topics menyemangat again for all the fellas. Good luck and blessings always be with us all, aamiin.

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